Shipping and Returns


The goods are entrusted to various transport companies that are not under the administrative and legal control of Viola bike-project. The services rendered by these companies are beyond the control of Viola bike, and the same cannot be held responsible for any damage to things or people caused by the aforementioned transport companies. However Viola bike undertakes to try to solve any type of problem that may arise during the journey and delivery of the purchased goods, acting as an intermediary.
In the event that the equipment on arrival is damaged by transport, you can accept the package "with reserve", or refuse it, in order to be able to take advantage of the insurance. If the package arrives damaged, and you accept it without reserve, or you do not refuse it, Viola bike will not be held responsible for damage caused during transport to the materials included in the shipment.
Normal delivery takes place within 15 working days unless promotions or shipping methods are used which shorten the delivery period. In these cases, the new delivery times will be clearly displayed within the promotion itself and/or in the shipping method during the checkout phase and reported in the order summary. However, in the case of products that are not available but can be booked, delivery times can vary from 30 to 45 working days, in which case you will be promptly notified with the option to decide between a refund or wait for the product to be available, the latter can be booked with an advance of 50% of the purchase value. Viola bike, in compliance with directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights, undertakes to deliver the goods as soon as possible within the agreed shipping terms, and in any case, within the terms of the aforementioned law of which it is reported below the official link:
    • We remind you that the shipping day only begins after the receipt and confirmation of the payment.

    • The following day is considered the first working day of the settlement, as the day of dispatch has not yet passed a day.

    • The use of promotional codes which extend the delivery time of the shipment automatically cancels the provision regarding the normal delivery times set forth in the current shipping conditions of our site.

    • Shippers can decide, based on their logistical needs, to deliver at different times of the same day or on different days.
    Shippers are responsible only and exclusively for delivery to the address indicated, within the times and in the manner provided by them. Shippers are not required to deliver at times or places outside their regular itinerary, and are not required to notify the recipient by telephone in advance. If the recipient is not present, the forwarding agent in charge will leave a notice, or contact by telephone to make further arrangements.
    including Sicily and Sardinia with express courier.
    of the package (you will be covered for the full value of the shipment).
    Shipping takes place the day after your payment has been credited, except in cases of force majeure and/or public holidays. The times indicated for national deliveries (including Sicily and Sardinia) are 24/48. For the smaller islands and only in some hard-to-reach places, the shipment can be delivered in a maximum of 72 hours. Each shipment can be insured against damage or loss, with an additional cost of €5. The cost of shipping includes labor and packaging.
    We offer shipments by express courier up to 100kg with insured package (optional). We carry out packaging, to protect your purchase from possible shocks, in an adequate way.
    We can ship up to 100kg all over Europe. Parcels reach their destination on average in 2/4 working days and are traceable at each change in status, up until delivery. This way they make the shipment safe and easy to track. Shipping takes place the day after your payment has been credited, except for force majeure and/or public holidays. Each shipment can be insured against damage or loss. For shipping costs, see the table below.
    Our national shipments are made with express courier GLS, FEDEX, SDA.
    Shipping costs may vary according to the weight and value of the goods, and do not include the cash on delivery cost, for which we must add: 6 Euros to the total for amounts up to €300 or 1% of the value to be paid for higher amounts at €300. Furthermore, to take advantage of the cash on delivery service, the shipping costs must be paid in advance through a quick payment method such as, for example, paypal.
    Service that can be used by Paypal account holders who can pay with their own account, even non- PayPal account holders can use their credit card in total safety. This payment method is safe and recommended!!
    Service that can be used by holders of a traditional current account, unlike pay-pal, it costs zero but the transaction takes 2 working days


Our return policy

Our returns policy allows us to reduce waste and the number of products returned that are no longer compliant for sale. By guaranteeing responsible and respectful management of the articles towards our planet thanks to reconditioned products, the design of more and more repairable products and Decathlon Second Hand sports equipment.

The Satisfied or Satisfied return policy gives both the customer who bought in the store and the customer who bought online the right to return the product.

Purchase registered on your Decathlon account .
You can make the return within 365 days . In the case of online purchases, these terms start from the receipt of the product.
Make a return >

Purchase not registered on your Decathlon account .
You can make the return within 30 days . In the case of online purchases, these terms start from the receipt of the product.
We invite you to create an account to be able to return products sold and shipped by Decathlon within 365 days. Once the account has been created, this benefit will be applied to your next purchases.
Create account >

How to make a return

Purchase made in store
Return your products by going to any Decathlon store in Italy, presenting the original paper or electronic receipt (available on your account or in the app), if your purchase is registered on your Decathlon account.
How to do? Log in to your Decathlon account, go to the "purchases" section, search for your purchase and select "detail" and open the invoice.

Purchase made online
Return your products by going to any Decathlon store and presenting the invoice. Or by connecting to your Decathlon account and booking the collection of your return for free.

If you decide to return the product by going to a Decathlon store:
• access your Decathlon account from the app or on the website;
• go to the "purchases" section;
• search for your purchase and select "detail";
• open the invoice;
• go to the shop with the product to be returned and the invoice.
Login >

If you decide to return the product via the online procedure:
• access your Decathlon account;
• create the return of the products you intend to return;
• book the collection of your return for free with TNT - Reso Facile ;
• enter the Virtual Code: 0279123 and the email: and fill in the required fields following the instructions;
• print the waybill to be affixed to the parcel;
• prepare the package to be returned;
• receive your refund or replacement product.
NB if the product weighs more than 20 kg you will need to contact customer service at the whatsup number 339 995 8787, chat or contact form

Return conditions

You will be able to return within 30 days of purchase, or 365 days if your purchase is registered in your Decathlon account.

The return will not be accepted if:
• The product is damaged ;
• The product has been used improperly with respect to its use ;
• The product is dirty or customized ;
• The product has no internal or external label or the information on the label is no longer legible .

The above conditions are valid both for returns made online and for returns made in-store.

How to return defective products (art. 135 bis, ter, quater Consumer Code-Legislative Decree 206/2005)
Decathlon adopts procedures compliant with current legislation: Articles are referred to in full. 135 bis, ter and quater of the Consumer Code.
In case of return of the price of the defective product, the same will be refunded with the same means used for the payment and, where not possible, in cash. If the amount exceeds €1,000.00, the refund will be made by bank transfer.

If you have made an online purchase, you can return the products to a Decathlon store or via the online return procedure on the website or on the App .
In case of refusal of the online return by the logistic depot, the product will be returned to the customer and the relative shipping and handling costs will be charged to him.
Failure to accept the return of the product will count as an unequivocal willingness to abandon it and Decathlon will have the right to donate it to charities or destroy it without any charge or compensation to the customer. Under no circumstances will Decathlon make its premises available for the storage of products, the return of which has not been accepted by the customer.

For purchases made in the store, you can only return the products by going to a Decathlon store .

Refund conditions

The refund of a product purchased and returned online always takes place on the means of payment used, with variable times depending on the payment method and will take place between the 14th and 30th day from receipt of the product at our warehouses.

The refund of a product purchased online and returned to the store will be made exclusively with a Return Card.

Reimbursement for a product purchased in-store takes place via a Return Card valid for 5 years, which can be spent online or in-store and can be used several times until the credit runs out.