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Riding a fat bike is fun! The huge wheels inspire confidence and make you feel "invincible". A fat bike will not only make you stand out in the crowd, but also among bicycle enthusiasts. Your bike will be the source of much conversation

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  • Cargo Canguro

    An agile and compact bicycle that is perfectly suited to the needs of those looking for a bicycle that is easy to transport and store. Equipped with a light and strong aluminum frame, with a Shimano gear. It has 16-inch wheels, reliable disc brakes and a folding handlebar that makes it easy to fold and store even in small spaces.

  • City 20

    Designed for driving in the city and in urban environments, offering comfortable and easy driving even in confined spaces. Equipped with 20-inch wheels, the right size to ensure comfortable driving on any road surface. Disc brakes, Shimano gearbox and pleasant line place it among the most sought after folding bikes.

  • Cargo Yo Yo

    Don't call it a tricycle! It does not fear any terrain in any condition thanks to the powerful 500W motor and fat bike wheels without ever losing balance

  • Quakka

    The compact Cargo is sporty, it's a fast, safe, fun and super easy to ride electric cargo bike with unquestionable comfort. Quakka will make you fall in love with the cargo bike!

  • Urban 20

    Born for the undecided, between a fat bike and a classic folding. A 20 x 3.00 wheel bike is a small sized bike with large wheels that would provide great stability on rough terrain or dirt. It can be used for different terrains with Shimano gearbox, suspension fork and disc brakes

  • Koala

    Twin of the Canguro with small component differences to give everyone the opportunity to buy a Cargo bike without sacrificing safety and stability

  • Cross Fit

    Designed to tackle rough trails and tough terrain, providing a more comfortable and safer ride. Carbon frame for the most demanding cyclists. The Cross Fit is the right choice for mountain bikers who love to explore nature and take on new challenges.

  • Monviso XC

    Designed to deliver a smoother, more comfortable ride over rough terrain with full suspension. Choosing the Monviso XC to tackle the most demanding terrains such as technical descents or the roughest singletracks, created for high-performance cyclists but also suitable for the weekend cyclist