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Cargo Bike Quakka

Cargo Bike Quakka

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Why buy a Cargo Bike

  1. The cargo bike allows you to carry heavy or bulky items without having to use the car. If you want to shop at the supermarket or transport bags, boxes or equipment, you won't have to worry about finding parking, paying the parking meter or dealing with traffic. Plus, you'll help reduce air pollution and your impact on the environment.

  2. The cargo bike allows you to exercise. If you are concerned about your health and want to keep fit, the cargo bike is a great way to do it. Getting around by bicycle is a pleasant activity that allows you to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health even if you use a pedal assisted bicycle.

  3. The cargo bike is very versatile. In addition to the cargo area, you can use it like a normal bicycle, going to work or around town. You will be able to adapt your bike to the most varied everyday situations, such as taking the children to school, accompanying friends on a tour, taking grandpa to the doctor or taking the dog to the vet.

You will discover many more reasons to love it once you own it and start using it on a daily basis.

Quakka 250w assisted electric cargo bike.

13Ah LG battery that allows an average range of 55 km based on the type of use.

Easily removable battery to charge it away from the bicycle

The reliable 8-speed Shimano gears help to overcome even climbs

Steel frame

Bafang 36V 250 Watt motor


Maximum speed 25 kmh

Battery= 9 Ah (324 Wh) - 10 Ah (360 Wh) - 13 Ah (428 Wh) LG

WHEELS Aluminum 20 Inches

TIRES. 3.00

3 Disc brakes 160 mm

Gearbox: Shimano 8 speed

LCD 6 levels of assistance

Tyres: Kenda

Bike weight 55 kg

Transportable weight in container = 150 kg

White color box

Wooden chest with seat for 2 children

Seat belts

Box dimensions: 800 x 620 x 700 mm

Bike 2050 x 1050 x 1110mm


- Comfort kit (Cushions - Rainproof)

- Body customization

Cargo ships 80% assembled with easy assembly manual

ATTENTION: Viola Bike ebikes have a personalized booklet with the chassis number and owner data, please send a message with your name and tax code to which you want to register the bike. If the message is not sent, the header will be in the name of the buyer without a tax code

Comfort Kits
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